Why custom boxes, why now?

Our Why

We started CustomBoxes knowing at least one thing for sure: Be better. 

Identifying what our goals were, and tracing the "why" backwards through motivations landed us at being a better organization that helps other organizations. We understand boxes and how to create delight with less. How can we combine those great things into a solution for others and make custom shipping more accessible to all? Strive to be better in everything you do.

Be Better to Organizations and Businesses

We know that over 90% of companies want to put their branding on their packaging just like the large companies do, but under 10% of the market does. We found this to be unfair, so we want to understand why. What we found is the market average for fully custom boxes is 10x the price as plain boxes you can find on Amazon.com, Uline.com and others (this means a lot of your margins go into the box themselves). In addition to being much more expensive, the process is much more difficult as well, and it's just difficult to understand the packaging industry when you are busy trying to out compete your competitors in your own industry. The good news is that custom boxes help you retain customers, but the ROI hurdle is pretty high...we are here to change everything.

We think there needs to be a couple of steps added in between a blank, brown, boring box and expensive, fully customized boxes larger, premium brands have. This will allow for a much larger percent of businesses, eCommerce companies, moving companies, non-profits, meal delivery and others to get their own custom boxes without emptying their bank account or spending all day customizing their boxes or hiring a designer to get them one. Our solution? 

Introducing the world's easiest, fastest and most economical custom boxes on the market today. If you have your logo and a couple of minutes, you have what you need to get custom boxes. We hope our innovative subscribe and save model helps get even more people to be proud of their brand again. It's great seeing your name in lights (on the side of a box is a start). 

Be Better to Employees 

We want to extend our commitment to fairness to our workplace. We are going to focus our hiring efforts on re-balancing equality to be more fair to those that have had a much tougher time growing up than trust fund babies (need not apply).

 Had to work during high school and college to help your parents out or pay for your own education and still got decent grades at a non-Ivoy league school? Awesome. Stepped out from working full-time to raise your family? We think that was a great choice? Want to work part-time to continue to raise your family? Great idea. Got in a bit of minor trouble and learned your lesson? Ok. We understand that everyone without a rich uncle needs a break, so that's what we want to do. The school or hard knocks can be a PhD in life, so if your work ethic is great and you've demonstrated a bit of grit, your intellectual curiosity knows no bounds, your analytical and problem solving skills are up to the challenge, and you are a nice, genuine and trustworthy person hit us up...we want to find you something to do.

Be Better to Mother Earth

We also have a goal of being nicer to the environment than our much larger rivals are, so that's why we are committed to sustainable forestry, increasing the recycled content in our boxes, ensuring business recycle their biodegradable shipping boxes, and donating profits to organizations that help the environment.