Oh the places your logo will go

Does your logo have a little black dress? Every brand needs a black print style guide to ensure their brand is maintained regardless of where its printed. Here's some basics for preparing your logo or branding graphics for shipping box printing success.
Create value in monochrome
Working with a single color (and black makes it even easier) allows you to focus on creating a message and highlight opportunities for engagement with the product on social or with others. If your brand or organization is sustainably driven like we are, there are even ways to futher your environmental statement. Making your box design interactive creates a whole new channel and extends the user journey with your brand beyond just receiving a package.
Gradients are bad, mkay
Does your branding or logo mark use gradients to create a neon, metalic or shiny effect? Avoid printing disappointment by creating an all black logo and maintain a legible, printable file perfect for any substrate.
Don't touch colors
Colors adjacent next to one another in a logo will print as black throughout - the details of your logo will disappear as a black mass when printed. Separate your color elements with a stroke to create definition and keep your logo recognizable.

Is black ink really better for the environment?

Yes! Its more than just the ink, its all of the processes that go into manufacturing and recycling color ink and their cartidges. Black ink has a better coverage than many color inks, paints or dyes and requires less energy to produce a completed print in black ink than in 4-color processes. 

What is my brand sacrificing by using just black ink?

My brand is very vibrant and colorful - why just black ink for my shipping packaging?

What is the best type of file to upload?

Recommended files are high resolution image files like .eps, .ai or even .png. We can accept .jpg files but are less likely to print as expected.

What size file should I upload?

I have multiple designs - what should I do?

Will my color logo work as a black logo?

What kind of printer does CustomBoxes use?

Our printer, Delilah, is a digital monocolor corrugate printer. 

Is the ink toxic?

Can you print white?

Can you print in color, just for me?

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