Why our shipping boxes are doing more today than ever

Our printing process is a cost-effective solution for small businesses, non profits and organizations. No printing plates, ink-jet maintenance, or pre-print. We pass the savings on to you and the environment. Printing black ink reduces energy-expensive processes and avoids color-correction waste, leaving the smallest ecological footprint we can. 


Get a sharp, black print for your shipping box

  • Using responsibly sourced materials

    Using black ink has several benefits for shipping packaging. It's more environmentally friendly, as black ink is less energy-expensive to print than color. Black ink also ensures crisp, easy-to-read prints for consistent branding and product quality.

    Other box sites ship their boxes in heavy, wasteful plastic - leaving your shipping box vulnerable and damaged. We avoid that by overpacking with our own boxes to ensure your shipping boxes are perfect on delivery.

    Our cardboard is sourced from biodegradeable and recyclable materials. No coating, films, or dangerous inks are used in the printing to maintain our environmentally-friendly process.
  • Reducing our footprint

    Our printing process reduces waste and economically distributes ink to use less material and less energy. We recycle everything as we aim to create a zero-waste process.
  • Supporting our Communities

    5% of equity to charity, 5% of our time and 5% of our profits to charity

    We want to do more than the other box sites. Our communities are more important than ever to the conservation solution. By providing sustainable shipping packaging for small businesses with the added benefit of custom printing, we can make big changes to our environment one delivery at a time.

Easy to Customize Shipping Boxes




Choose your box

With the most popular shipping box sizes available, we forward the savings to you.



Upload your graphics

Use any device to upload your branding graphics or logo file.




Choose your quantity and where to ship your custom boxes.




Enjoy custom printed shipping boxes with your own branding - for the same cost as a boring, brown box.

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