3 Simple Ways To Make Your Logo Boxes For Shipping a Success

Amanda Pharis -
What’s the first thing people see when they receive a package? The box, of course! A professionally printed shipping box with your logo or branding graphics helps customers remember your brand, and keeps them coming back to you time and time again. But how do you ensure that your logo or branding graphics look as good on the shipping box as it does on your product packaging? Here are some simple tips and tricks to help your packaging—and brand—stand out in any shipping box.

Create An Black Print Brand Guide
If you don’t have one already, it’s time to make one. A brand guide is an essential part of your branding, and critical to your shipping box printing success; without it, you could lose all your hard work on creating consistent branding. By creating a style guide for printing in black, all facets of your visual presentation are managed in one place and reduce the opportunity for inconsistent printing. Know how to prepare your colorful or gradient-rich graphics for black printing to create the same feeling your users are already familiar with, with all-black graphics.

Include a Call to Action
The unboxing experience is a powerful one, and thanks to YouTube and social media, it’s one that can easily be shared with millions of people. Creative brands are capitalizing on these moments by designing a unique packaging experience around their brand. Including a Call to Action as a part of your graphics can reintroduce your customer back into the user journey, or create opportunities to engage with your brand online and on social media.

Add Package Handling Graphics

Package handling graphics, such as this side up or fragile arrows are an important part of protecting your product during shipping. While you may not need graphics to print on every single box, including them on any oversized, fragile, or breakable shipped items is highly recommended and can remove stickers from your package handling. Read our article about shipping and handling icons.