How Does CustomBoxes Compare to the Other Guys?

Amanda Pharis -
 Boring, brown box Other Custom Sites
6x6x6 6x6x6 6x6x6
No graphics Black graphics Color graphics
$0.39 / per box Starts at $1.99 / per box ~ $2.38 / per box

Small Business and Nonprofit Advocates
With so much volatility in the supply chain, labor market, international trade and material sourcing - we understand organizations are having to save where they can. That's why we offer sustainable, creative solutions for organizations that need custom printing without overselling on just box decoration. With CustomBoxes, you have industry professionals helping you get the upperhand on adding your logo and graphic assets to your shipping boxes to ship smarter boxes. Professionally shipped with care and without wasteful plastic, we don't want to burden our partners with the chore of plastic recycling. Our overpack boxes are shipped blank with only recycling directions - its like getting a free box.  

We reviewed the prices of over 10 other custom shipping box suppliers and found that our prices are not only cheaper with one-time purchases, but we offer an average discount of ~70% on our weekly deliveries compared to Packlane / Econofle), Fantastapak, Uprinting, Packola, BoxGenie, PrattBox, Boxup, Company Box, Zebra and Arka. If you find a cheaper price we'll beat it by 10% guaranteed.

Competition Comparison
100 Count Boxes (Weekly Delivery) Other Custom Box Printers
6x6x6 $79.60 $226.86
8x8x8 $119.60 $316.89
10x10x8 $139.60 $433.00
10x10x10 $199.60 $505.88
11.25x8.75x4 $111.60 $344.00
11.25x8.75x6 $119.60 $379.00
12x12x6 $199.60 $619.00
12x12x12 $239.60 $625.33
14x14x14 $279.60 $795.00

*pricing as of February 2022

Save when you subscribe to your box - its easy
By creating your own subscription plan with CustomBoxes, your custom shipping boxes can be delivered when you need them. Your store will always have shipping boxes on hand. Choose between weekly, twice a month, monthly, quarterly, once a year - how ever often you need your printed shipping box delivered. Subscribing can save your organization up to 65% on shipping box costs compared to one-time purchases. Read more about how to subscribe to your box delivery.   

Upload Your Design or Logo File Choose Box Size and Quantity Select Subscription Frequency


 How much could your organization save? 
100 Count Boxes

One-Time Weekly
save 65%
2 Weeks
save 60%
save 50%
save 30%
6x6x6 $199.00 $79.60 $99.50 $119.40 $139.30
8x8x8 $299.00 $119.60 $149.50 $179.40 $209.30
10x10x8 $349.00 $139.60 $174.50 $209.40 $244.30
10x10x10 $499.00 $199.60 $249.50 $299.40 $349.30
11.25x8.75x4 $279.00 $111.60 $139.50 $167.40 $195.30
11.25x8.75x6 $299.00 $119.60 $149.50 $179.40 $209.30
12x12x6 $499.00 $199.60 $249.50 $299.40 $349.30
12x12x12 $599.00 $239.60 $299.50 $359.40 $419.30
14x14x14 $699.00 $279.60 $349.50 $419.40 $489.30

*pricing as of February 2022

Environmentally Good
Printing with black ink has several benefits for shipping packaging. It's more environmentally friendly, as black ink is less energy-expensive to print than color. Black ink also ensures crisp, easy-to-read prints for consistent branding and product quality.

Other box sites ship their boxes in heavy, wasteful plastic - leaving your shipping box vulnerable and damaged. We avoid that by over packing with our own boxes to ensure your shipping boxes are perfect on delivery.

Our cardboard is sourced from biodegradable and recyclable materials. No coating, films, or dangerous inks are used during printing to maintain our environmentally-friendly process.

Want to try our boxes before you subscribe?
$9.97 - 20 Custom Boxes, Any Size