How many Rubik's cubes fit into each of our standard size custom boxes with logo?

Daniela Jaros -

People often ask us what box to select for their products, and we have a whole blog dedicated to helping people measure and select the right box. For those that are visual space learnings, we wanted to use a standard object to give you an idea how much space each one is. The most interesting part of this is you can see how much more space is in a 14x14x14 box vs 6x6x6 (you'd think double, but it's way more):

To determine how many Rubik's Cubes can fit into each box, we need to calculate the volume of each box and then divide it by the volume of a single Rubik's Cube. The standard size of a Rubik's Cube is 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches. Therefore, its volume is: 2.25in×2.25in×2.25in=11.390in3

Now, let's calculate the volume of each box and determine how many Rubik's Cubes can fit:

  1. inches box: 

  2. 6×6×6 inches box:19 cubes

  3. 8×6×4 inches box: 

  4. inches box: 

  5. inches box: 45 cubes

  6. inches box: 

  7. inches box: 

  8. inches box: 

  9. inches box:

  10. inches box: 

Please note that these calculations assume no wasted space or voids in the boxes and are purely based on volume. In practice, packing efficiency may vary, and some empty space might be present due to the shape of the Rubik's Cubes and the configuration in the box.