How to Answer: "Where do you get your shipping boxes?!"

Amanda Pharis -
Need ideas for how to share your custom printed shipping boxes with your audience? We've compiled a quick list of easy posts to share (and get 10% when they purchase!). 

Unboxing Videos: Create unboxing videos that showcase printed shipping boxes. These videos can highlight the design, durability, and overall quality of the boxes, as well as demonstrate how they can be used to package different types of products.

Product Reviews: Write or create videos on their blogs or social media platforms, reviewing printed shipping boxes. They can highlight the key features of the boxes, talk about their experience using them, and provide their followers with a discount code or special offer to encourage them to make a purchase.

Creative Product Shots: Creators can take creative product shots with the printed shipping boxes to showcase their design and print quality. These images can be used on social media platforms or on a blog to attract attention and encourage followers to make a purchase.

Packaging Ideas: Provide their followers with packaging ideas and inspiration using the printed shipping boxes. They can showcase how the boxes can be used to package different types of products and offer tips and advice on how to create a visually appealing package using

Customization Options: Showcase the different customization options available with the printed shipping boxes. They can demonstrate how the boxes can be customized with a company logo, branding, or other unique designs to help promote a business or product while also incorporating shipping and handling messaging.

Influencer Collaborations: Finally, creators can collaborate with other businesses and brands to create custom packaging solutions using printed shipping boxes. They can showcase these collaborations on their platforms to help promote both the printed shipping boxes and the brands they are working with.

By creating content that showcases the features and benefits of printed shipping boxes, influencers can help to increase awareness, attract new customers, and drive sales for businesses that offer these products. Share a link and get 10% back when they purchase. It's easy to sign up for our referral program and get 10% back for every referral.