Is your shipping box ready for YouTube?

Amanda Pharis -

Have you ever watched one of those unboxing videos on YouTube? The ones where the host unwraps a package that they just bought? They hold the box up, turn it around, and then proceed to remove the tape or packaging to reveal the product inside. In this sense, the box itself becomes part of the entertainment value—it’s more than just something to protect your product, but instead something your customers will actually want to share with others!

Capitalize on the Unboxing Moment
The unboxing experience is a powerful one, and thanks to YouTube and social media, it’s one that can easily be shared with millions of people. Companies all over are capitalizing on these moments by designing a unique packaging experience around their brand. The unboxing may happen in private, but there’s no denying that excitement you feel when something you purchased arrives—and then to have it customized! It’s priceless.

How to Design Your Shipping Box
Your packaging design is an essential step in creating a well-oiled customer experience. If you’re just getting started, you might be tempted to go with just your logo or some social media icons to get started. But before you do, consider investing in a custom branding design that adds to the story of your product and its journey. Your logo and brand are usually prominent on your website, but that identity isn’t always carried through to other touchpoints with customers—like their unboxing experience.

What is Custom Printing and why is it Important?
As an emerging small business, custom packaging is a cost-effective investment in your company's identity. Custom printing gives you a chance to make a statement about who you are and what you want your customer to know about you! The best way to take advantage of custom printing services is with unique custom boxes or bags that contain either your logo or some signature design elements.

When is the Best Time to Start Planning Shipping Boxes?
The very best time to start planning shipping boxes is at least a few months in advance of when you actually need them, but there is no better time than now to start if you haven't. Not only will it give you more time to come up with a creative design, but if something goes wrong during production, or if there’s any kind of delay, you have some extra buffer. Ask yourself: Are all my shipping partners locked in and 100% on-board with production timeframes?

With, you can be assured your shipping boxes are. Our simple, no-fuss process makes it easy to keep up with shipping demands and your graphics flexible for season marketing or product changes. Reach out to our designers for more information about a custom box design today.