Custom Shipping Box (Size Varies) - 1 Box Sample For $0.01

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Want to see what sustainable printing looks like before a big order?

Great way to test the most important elements: our print quality and our box quality (neither change with different box sizes or logos). This item also show you all the other different things you can do with your designs (either on your own or with our affordable design services). 

Get $10 off or 10% off your first order after ordering the sample SKU. 

Sizes may vary depending on what we have available.

Ships next day

These elegantly minimalist shipping boxes set the standard for sustainable packaging with print quality rivaling Flexo, speedy turnaround, and affordable pricing. 

Note, since our pack sizes and prices are so good you can get 100 pack of your preferred size starting at $41 for 100 boxes (basically like get 50-75 boxes free vs competition).

Our corrugated cardboard mailer shipping boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, our kraft RSC shipping boxes are one of the most eco-friendly mailer shipping box available today.

Our RSC kraft shippers are perfect for deliveries of all kinds:

  • Ship toys, clothing, towels, and other durable items.

  • Subscription boxes, gift boxes, and e-commerce packaging

These 32ECT custom shipping boxes still have C-flute quality (holds up to 30 lbs), but are 20% lighter weight than 200# boxes which are unnecessary to ship most items in these box sizes, and the lighter weight saves you a bunch in shipping costs (to you and to the customer). Note item ships flat.

Using black ink has several benefits for shipping packaging. It's more environmentally friendly, as black ink is less energy-expensive to print than color. We recycle our cartridges to keep plastics and potential pollutants out of the environment. Black ink also ensures crisp, easy-to-read prints for consistent branding and product quality.

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