20-Point Checklist for Holiday Shipping Boxes

Amanda Pharis -

We've created a 20-point checklist to ensure that you get the most out of your cheap custom boxes this holiday shipping season with shipping deadlines, holiday messaging and marketing ideas. Don't get caught shorthanded on shipping boxes this busy fulfillment quarter order your branded, holiday shipping boxes today.

Package Specifications / Requirements
Knowing your packaging needs for your products before you begin preparing for fulfillment is key to a successful shipment. Great unboxing videos have a lot of ingredients that go into a visually stunning and delightful experience for your customer.

🔲 Determine when you need to order boxes in time for fulfillment to meet delivery deadlines [ see dates ]
🔲 Measure products and holiday bundles to find the most flexible dimensions for your box(es)
🔲 Know your shipping weights and what kind of box strength your shipping boxes may need
🔲 Determine the type and amount of shipping dunnage and if it will be part of the holiday unboxing experience

Marketing Strategies
The busiest shipping season of the year is a great time to strengthen your engagement with your audience and prepare to onboard new customers. Analyze your current customer base and website experience to make sure that their holiday shopping, shipping, and post-purchase experiences are all cohesive and encourage your customer to purchase again.

🔲 Create holiday graphics for box design/unboxing experience
🔲 Add a holiday next-step / call to action in your packaging to return customers to your business
🔲 Include easy returns/refund information for your customer (making it easier for you too in January)
🔲 Ask for reviews with possible incentives to take advantage of holiday traffic
🔲 Include ways for easy re-ordering on your packaging - gifting is an easy way to get a new audience by referral

Box Graphics
Spruce up your shipping box packaging this holiday season with new graphics and messaging - with CustomBoxes.io there are no print plates, so it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to change your designs seasonally. Add fun CTAs that bring your customer to your social pages or website for further engagement. The holidays are a great time to reach new audiences as your products are gifted, so be sure to include a way for them to find you!

🔲 Prepare your logo and design for sustainable printing by using single-color (or at least separated colors) vector designs (helpful tips here)
🔲 Add and test any QR codes for shipping box design
🔲 Have any branding fonts available to share for on-brand messaging

Purchasing Boxes
The easiest part of the holiday shipping season is buying your printed shipping boxes. Visit CustomBoxes.io, find your box sizes determined earlier at the top of the checklist, and upload your new holiday-ready graphics. It's that easy!

🔲 Determine how many panels need to be printed with logo or graphics: single panel, 2-opposing panels, or all 4 panels.
🔲 Consider shipping and handling icons to help carriers and customers most safely handle your packages
🔲 Based on shipping deadlines, decide if you need rush production (in-stock box sizes only)
🔲 Order boxes in time for fulfillment to meet delivery deadlines [see dates]

Fulfillment and Follow Up
Once your shipping boxes have arrived, it's time to put them together and prepare for packaging with any determined marketing materials, potential holiday swag items, and dunnage.

🔲 Pre-build boxes and pack out materials for easy fulfillment when its game time
🔲 Follow up on any reviews (especially those who received your product as a gift!) with personal notes of thanks
🔲 Review any customer service problems with shipping/delivery to fix for the new year
🔲 Analyze the new data generated by your marketing strategies around your customers' shipping experience