Does your shipping box speak for your brand?

Amanda Pharis -

Give your customers a reason to revisit your site after they've received your package to increase your repeat customer rate. A shipping box creates up to four panels of communication between you and your customer at a critical point in their customer journey - delivery of your product. Allow your shipping box to be the voice for your customer service team when they open the box and provide your customer with a great unboxing experience. Here are some tips and inspiration for great CTAs from other customers: 

First, let's add QR Codes

Creating a quick QR code is easy with many apps available, as well as a free tool from Google Chrome that can make a QR code in one click from your browser. Many QR apps (some are paid, but do offer free trials) provide scan tracking analytics so your team can know how effective your box graphics are.  

With QR codes, send your customers to links for post-purchase rebates, product registrations, customer service surveys/feedback or cross sell other products. Providing your users with a bridge back to your site when they are most likely to have a positive engagement with your product is a great way to generate reviews, user-generated content and social shares. 

Request for feedback

Add an easy link for surveys and feedback, asking how their most recent experience with checkout and shipping went for them while it is fresh on their mind and can provide the most context. Though the more features are offered the more expensive services/apps can become, there are many options for creating surveys and feedback forms. Depending on your budget, we recommend Google Forms (free), Jotform, Typeform or Survey Monkey for easy customer feedback experiences. 

Unique product extension messaging

Give your customer a tailored delivery with shipping boxes designed specifically with their purchased product experience in mind. If your shipping boxes are specific to product lines, create a direct link back to the product page, specifications or any assembly or after-care information. Brand- or SKU-level FAQs are helpful links, but identifying the questions your users may be asking on unboxing and providing an answer with one link (or even a printed graphic) can save your customer and customer service team some frustrations. 

Send customers to social media for their advocacy

Don't miss out on your customers' excitement to open your boxes. Adding social media call outs that bring your brand's hashtags to their timelines and story posts is an effective way to generate some organic buzz. Instagram, TikTok and Facebook links can become shortcuts to easy referal traffic. 

Product registration

Request your customers register their products on delivery for added benefits or rebates. CTAs that suggest some exclusivisity once they've registered can create new segments of customer advocates for your brand. 

Customer service and help

While most deliveries go just fine, sometimes its not quite right when packages arrive. Placing a CTA, link or service phone number for how to find help if the delivery doesn't meet their expectations can help your customer service team avoid an extra frustrated customer and resolve any issues quickly.